4" Webbing

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4" x 300' Roll of Yellow Industrial Sling Webbing with the Rated Capacity of 39,200 lbs.

This 100% Polyester Industrial Sling Web is perfect for Slings or Recovery Straps. This webbing has a rated capacity of 9,800 lbs. per inch which equates to 39,200 lbs. minimum break strength.
Part NumberSizeMinimum Break Strength
Cut-98-4300-Yellow4" x 300'9,800 lbs.
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4" x 300' Roll of Webbing with the Rated Capacity of 20,000 lbs.

This 20,000 lb. 4" polyester webbing is the normal standard for most all companies who make 4" Winch Straps.
Part NumberSizeMinimum Break Strength
Cut-20-43004" x 300'20,000 lbs.
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4" x 300' Roll of Yellow Webbing with a Rated Capacity of 24,000 lbs.

This 100% polyester tie down webbing has a Minimum Break Strength of 24,000 lbs. Our webbing has been UV treated along with special treatment to prevent early decay or color loss. Extra yarn is used to make this thicker webbing and with that comes extra capacity as well as a greater wear and tear factor. This is the webbing we use to make our winch straps with a 6,600 lb. Working Load Limit. This is the highest capacity 4" tie down webbing available anywhere.
Part NumberSizeMinimum Break Strength
Cut-24-4300-Yellow4" x 300'24,000 lbs.
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